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Turkey Journalists' Society of the country's one-party government of the multiparty system began on 10 June, 1946. throes of passing a democratic regime is established. Its founders are journalist-cartoonist Sedat Simavi, Sadun Galip Prosecutor, Cihat Baban, Hayri Alpar and Sait Kesler. The purpose of the Turkey Journalists Association general meeting on 19 January 2015 is also emphasized in the statute adopted. Ini The profession of journalism covering the fields of written, audio, visual and electronic communication and internet such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television; to protect the traditions and moral principles of the profession; 'Turkey Journalists' Rights and Responsibilities Declaration' to be adopted by everyone, development, protection, ensure dissemination in the community, everyone's access to information, public right of receiving information and the right to know the truth, communication, thoughts description, criticism and defend their expression and press freedom, the right to comment; journalists in their professions to develop, advance, protect and uplift. ” Digital Media Platform, Turkey Journalists Association of the press and the functioning of the media industry, supports its continued efforts towards the development and value. Magazines Association of Turkey is an association formed by the coming together of Magazine Editors and Editor in Chief in 2008. Within the structure of TURDEB, there are units such as Youth Magazines Unit, Children Magazines Unit, Literature Magazines Unit, Academic Magazines Unit, School Magazines Unit, R D Unit, Distribution Unit. The Association was incorporated in February 2015. 5. Magazine has begun to bring the exhibition also magazines from abroad fair from fair, in contact hot with magazine publishers from 30 countries under the leadership of Turkey Magazine Union in May 2017 WPA World Periodical Union (World Magazine Association) and DTDB World Turkish Magazine Association was founded. Turkey and work done on the problems of journalism in the world, workshops are organized. By connecting to the electronic system of the member journals within the body of the e-journalism; supports readers of magazines in a virtual environment that is up to date, fast, easy and economical. The Digital Press Platform supports TURDEB's efforts for the development of journalism and its digital transformation.